How To Position Product Style & Packaging Design Direction?
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How To Position Product Style & Packaging Design Direction?

How To Position Product Style & Packaging Design Direction?

October 19, 2023

When positioning a product's style and packaging design direction, there are several key steps you can follow to ensure a cohesive and successful outcome. Here's a step-by-step guide


  • Understand your target audience
    It's essential to have a clear understanding of who your target customers are. Consider their demographics, preferences, values, and lifestyle. This knowledge will help you create a design that resonates with them and speaks to their needs and desires.


  • Define your brand identity
    Your product's style and packaging design should align with your brand identity. Consider the core values, personality, and unique selling propositions of your brand. Define the key attributes that you want to communicate through the design.


  • Research the market and competition
    Conduct a comprehensive analysis of the market landscape and your competitors. Identify the design trends, packaging formats, and visual cues that are prevalent in your industry. This research will help you identify opportunities for differentiation and find a positioning that stands out.


  • Set design objectives
    Determine the specific objectives you want to achieve with your product's style and packaging design. For example, you may aim to convey premium quality, sustainability, simplicity, or innovation. These objectives will guide the design direction and help you prioritize certain elements over others.


  • Hire a professional designer or agency
    Unless you have design expertise in-house, it's advisable to work with a professional designer or design agency. Find someone with experience in your industry and a portfolio that aligns with your vision. Collaborate closely with the designer to convey your brand identity, target audience, and design objectives.


  • Develop design concepts
    The designer should create multiple design concepts based on the information and brief you provide. These concepts should explore different visual directions while staying true to your brand identity and target audience. Evaluate the concepts based on their ability to achieve your design objectives.


  • Test and gather feedback
    Once you have a set of design concepts, conduct market research or gather feedback from a sample of your target audience. This step will help you validate the effectiveness and appeal of each design direction. Analyze the feedback and make adjustments if necessary.


  • Refine and finalize the design
    Based on the feedback received, work with the designer to refine the chosen design direction. Pay attention to details such as typography, color palette, imagery, and layout. Ensure that the packaging design complements and enhances the product itself.


  • Create mockups and prototypes
    Visualize the final design by creating mockups and prototypes of the packaging. This step will give you a better sense of how the design will appear in the real world. Evaluate the mockups and make any necessary adjustments.


  • Implement and monitor
    Once the design is finalized, work with the designer and production teams to implement it. Pay attention to quality control and ensure that the final product aligns with the approved design. Monitor customer feedback and market response to assess the effectiveness of the positioning.


Remember, positioning your product's style and packaging design is a continuous process. Stay up-to-date with market trends, customer preferences, and advancements in design to adapt and evolve your approach over time.

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