What is the best paper for boxes?
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What is the best paper for boxes?

What is the best paper for boxes?

November 15, 2023

When it comes to choosing the best paper for boxes, there are several factors to consider, such as strength, durability, printability, and visual appeal. Here are some common types of paper used for box making:


1. Kraft Paper: Kraft paper is a popular choice for box packaging due to its strength and durability. It is made from wood pulp and has a natural brown color. Kraft paper is known for its excellent tear resistance and can withstand heavy loads. It is also widely available and cost-effective.


2. Chipboard: Chipboard, also known as greyboard or binder's board, is a thick and rigid type of paperboard made from recycled paper pulp. It offers good strength and stability, making it suitable for rigid boxes and luxury packaging. Chipboard can be covered with various materials or laminated for a more polished appearance.


3. Coated Paper: Coated papers have a smooth, glossy or matte finish achieved by applying a coating, usually made of clay or other minerals. These papers provide excellent print quality, making them ideal for boxes that require vibrant colors or detailed graphics. Coated paper is commonly used for high-end product packaging, cosmetics, and gift boxes.


4. Corrugated Board: While not technically paper, corrugated board is widely used for shipping boxes and packaging that requires extra protection. It consists of three layers: an inner layer (flute) secured between two linerboards. Corrugated board is known for its excellent cushioning and shock absorption properties. The flute type can vary depending on the desired strength and weight capacity of the box.


5. Textured or Specialty Papers: For boxes that require a unique and visually appealing look, textured or specialty papers can be used. These papers often have embossed patterns, metallic finishes, or innovative textures, adding an extra touch of elegance and craftsmanship to the packaging.


Ultimately, the best paper for boxes depends on the specific requirements of the product, budget, and desired aesthetics. Considering factors like strength, printability, and visual appeal will help in selecting the most suitable paper for your packaging needs.

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